Beauty. Goodness. Truth.

Hello, I’m DOMKO, Dominique Kongsli; artist, writer and entrepreneur. Thank you so much for visiting my art-chive of paintings, sculpture, and installation. This site houses paintings I have completed since 2005 as well as my current offerings. I live in Bend, Oregon and create every single day. I am so grateful that God has blessed me with the vocation of creating. Please contact me if you see something you like.

My mission is to create beautiful and inspiring artwork, and to create a more loving world, by connecting with others and giving.

If you have any questions regarding purchases, commissions, licensing or art lessons, please email me at or call me, (541) 749-0168.

To purchase my fine art products, such as stationary or ornaments, please click through to my Etsy store:

Thank you for appreciating my art offerings and for purchasing a unique work of art.

You have invested in a fine art object that represents 27 years of learning, growth experimentation and expertise. You have a solid investment. I hope your piece of art  takes you on a new adventure each day and leads you to peace. May it elevate your spirit to break through to goodness, truth and beauty.

Thank you so much,

Dominique Kongsli