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Artist Statement

My artwork is motivated by golden light, separated into a myriad of colors. My paintings are a harmony between prismatic, bright, contemporary colors, and geometric abstraction. Patterns, shapes and color are juxtaposed and embodied with the natural and the synthetic, in actual forms such as sculptures or as 2 and 3-Dimensional paintings.

My philosophy involves creating works that express growth, meditation, contemplation, luminescence, transformation, and repetition amongst infinite variety. When I create, I think of the beautiful things of the world of which I am so attracted, and desire to consume. The constant pull of consumerism is satiated by the incessant drive of creation and growth. I create instead of consume. These paintings strive to create a new awareness and hope for our environment.


Dominique Kongsli, (DOMKO) is a professional artist and teacher. Dominique believes that Art can provide meaning and richness to one’s life, and an avenue in which to express one’s voice, heart, and mind. Dominique strives to incorporate her values of thoughtfulness, beauty, and discovery, into her fine art. Dominique graduated from Pepperdine University (‘09) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Claremont Graduate University (‘13). Dominique Kongsli resides in Bend with her husband Eric.

Phone: (541) 749-0168

Email:   dominiqueovalle@gmail.com


8 comments on “About DOMKO

  1. hey mama! lets be blogscroll buddies..if i can ever figure it out! Site looks good, cant wait to see all the new pix on it! yay we are official now!

  2. Hey Dominique, I met you last saturday at LACMA, remember the security officer, and that big piece of art work, yeah that is me, I must admitt, you have an amazing website full of info about your art, your description about deovalle is amazing and it telling me and the reader how much you love art, wow, your art is beautiful, I just wondering if you can upload some more pix 2 of your art here in your website, thank you 4 such a great artistic invitation, is an honor 2 meet you Dominique, dont give up, this world has a problem and needs color, your art is the solution, cause art is the color of the world.

  3. My paintings are a byproduct of invention and exploration, and form themselves on Canvas out of the ideas and information I have gathered from life: the experiences of people I meet, nature I see, and the colors which I am so attracted to.

    this could be the best..”my art is about” i have ever heard!

  4. hi,

    this is fantastic stuff you are doing…congrats…I’m just getting started myself…planning on taking classes soon…want to work full time in the art field…gallery, teaching and doing i guess…I work full time for the government but that will change as i really want to work in the art world and it doesn’t leave nearly enough time to think and paint…

    I’m trying to figure out what I want to say with my art…hoping studies will help me with that…for now i experiment with ideas as i find inspiration from others work.

    whereabouts are you located? I’m in Victoria BC.


  5. Dominique,

    I am so happy that I “stumbled” upon your work! It is exciting and so beautiful!

    What kind of wax do you use in your work? I would like to experiment with it in my acrylic paintings. Thanks.

  6. Dominique, I’ve never seen your older paintings and sculptures-they are fabulous! It is fun to see how you’ve progressed since then. You’re a true talent and I’m happy to have you as my studio buddy:)

  7. Dom! 😉 Your work is beautiful, as always. I’ve been fortunate to see many of your paintings at Pepperdine, and am thankful to get a glimpse into your installations! I find it inspiring that your style is so diverse, always evolving; it mimics life itself! I like that you’ve found pockets of beauty around the world and created something lovely out of your collection to share with us. Even though your art speaks for itself, how I’d love to pick your brain to see the thoughts behind your creations! There’s so much depth to everything you make. Thanks for staying true to your passion…it really is a gift to both the eyes and spirit.

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