A Brontosaurus, a Chicken, and a Blue Spruce Christmas Tree Hunt

Tuesday morning my husband and I drove down to Eastside Gardens in Bend, to choose our live Christmas tree. We figured if we are going to drop a hundred bucks on a tree, I sure as heck hope that we’re gonna do something with it (like plant it) and not just toss it out on the curb afterward. I can buy cheaper firewood and we live near a forest, so why would I buy a tree when I can cut one down myself for $5? At the nursery my hubby found a cute brontosaurus to hop on:

We also met Ruby, the nursery’s mascot, a super friendly chicken. Having grown up with chickens, I was naturally afraid of it. (I’ve been pecked in the lip before, by a “pet” chicken) We picked out a beautiful blue spruce, tied it to the bed of the truck and carted it home to the garage to acclimate. I can’t wait to decorate it with my diamond ornaments! That’s us, the Kongsli’s first Christmas! Please check out my handmade Ornaments on my Etsy shop. My gift to you this Christmas is free shipping on the ornaments, so please use the code DOMKOFREESHIP and I will send you a special something for your tree!

Thank you, happy holidays, and merry Christmas!


Give the Gift of Light, Color, and a Space for Kind Words


A short walk to the mailbox- be it the end of the lane, or right down the hallway. In the stack of riff-raff ads and coupon books and bills; handwritten letter from someone we love stands out, as a diamond in the rough.

In my box of keepsakes, you can find letters I’ve saved from the special people in my life. From my mother: the cards she wrote to me upon my graduation from high school, college, and graduate school–major milestones in my life. My mother’s constant presence in my life as an encourager, a celebrator, and someone who cares, she’s communicated this to me through writing, in a form I can read through from time to time, to remind me of her constant love.

From my sister Gen–the hilarious, sexy, Busty-Babe and Flavio rolling around on a sandy beach, locked in a lusty embrace, postcards from a romance-novel set; sent as a joke, because they are sent publically through the mail system, and they are supposed to create awkward moments upon receipt and throughout the mail-sorting process. Gen’s perfect cursive was learned and practiced at St. Francis of Assisi private school, which brings back floods of memories at first glance, on its own.

The ultra-special treasures: my Grandmother’s cards, bought at The Museum of Modern Art giftshop, sent to me on birthdays, and graduations, with her unmistakably fantastic writing, which looks like my mother’s but is a little different, a little older. These are finite treasures, because Grandma Sally has passed on, but these letters are immortal to me.

When one sits down to write and contemplate the beloved person in their mind, before them a blank letter, something holy happens: Intentionality. One considers the person in mind in several facets. Who are they? Why are they special? What is the occasion? What does the occasion mean to both you and to the beloved?

Introducing my newest collection of fine art cards, printed on the finest cotton paper. These are 6 unique designs, blank inside, 5″ x 7″ cards, (with envelope) featuring fine art images from my “Unbreakable” diamante collection. The images represent light as color, refracted and reflected, split by structure: iridescent angles and edges of crystal faces.

Please support my fine art business by purchasing here:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/SaltFisHeart

Thank you so much,



Solar Eclipse Paintings by DOMKO

Dominique Kongsli, Artist, MFA

dominiqueovalle@gmail.com  541.749.0168

ducks in a rowWe watched for hours as our tiny moon slowly superseded the magnificent sun. Suddenly the sky turned black as the last bit of moon lined up PERFECTLY with the orb of sun. It was night at ten-fifteen in the morning! The stars came out.

A cacophony of voices rose from the audience in delight as the moon blackened and a ring of white fire blazed out in a shimmering, radiant crown. Tears came to my eyes as I looked at my family. I got to share this cosmic event with them. There was no time for phones or cameras- I only had 2 minutes to take in the soul blinding beauty with my naked eye. When I looked up at the white light circling the perfect black pit of the moon, it occurred to me that this was not a movie, this was not a human-produced event, and it was the most simple thing in the world. A black dot flew over a yellow dot. Out there. In space. Yet knowing of the sheer cosmic mass of these players felt mind-blowing and unfathomable. God is the best designer, the best artist, and has the coolest ideas. The total solar eclipse was perfection, it was the essence of beauty.

  1. “Floral Nebula Night” 7.5”x 5.5” 2017 ($165)
  2. “Bright Night, Morning” 7.5”x 5.5” 2017 ($165)
  3. “Shark’s Eye,” 7.5”x 5.5” 2017 ($165)

  4. “Naked Eye,” 7.5”x 5.5” 2017 ($165)

  5. “Rose Shimmer,” 7.5”x 5.5” 2017 ($165)



New Short Doc on my Work! Please Watch.

Directed by Kristen Dunn.

My friend and surf-buddy Kristen Dunn has created a series called Free Souls, and chose me and my art as her subject matter. If you have ever wondered what I’m doing in my studio, this answers your question! Kristen is an amazing filmmaker and friend, who hails from Chapman University, and resides in North Hollywood. Kristen has created and dedicated this series to capturing women who open and free their souls to inspire and empower others. You can view it on the homepage here: http://www.kristendunnfilms.com 

Thank you for watching!




NEW SHOW: “Kingdom”

Kingdom AdvertisementAbout KINGDOM

Come. These paintings and sculptures are castles for miniature mermaids, tropical fish, and will house your imagination for the night inside their fruity, Superstar-lip-gloss smile. These transport you into the domestic territory of an aquatic princess, bought in the currency of sand-dollar-dreams and sea-stars.

These sculptures are fragile, yet built with plastic particulates that do not age, and hop the gyre for artistic intention. Sometimes oozing, slipping and sagging, and sometimes stacked with neurotic precision, these coral mounds, stalagmites, Seussian chimneys, and glitter-sperm are layered to build a kingdom upon a foundation of solid rock.

Swim-throughs are plentiful or your submarine called Memory. Down here, sunshine glints off of miniscule shards of party glitter, frozen and floating inside crystalline gel. These are Crest toothpaste and Nerds candy cooperating in a messy dog-pile of pretty gunk that can make you drool.


About my inspiration:

I made castles for fish, for children and for your searching spirit. I want to create a garden that you get lost in, where, if you find refuge for your soul under arches of pink, there, you will also find treasure and prisms of light.


About the Artist

Dominique Ovalle is an artist and creative force, lives life to the fullest in the South Bay, Los Angeles, and creates many different art forms including sculpture, paintings on canvas, murals, photography, essays about surf lessons, and poetry. Dominique attended Pepperdine University (BA Studio Art 2009) and Claremont Graduate University (MFA Studio Art 2013.) Dominique is interested in creating works of art that reflect marine biology and are concerned with concepts of ocean science. Her philosophy involves creating works that express growth, meditation, contemplation, and repetition amongst infinite variety, luminescence, evolution and adaptation.