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My Life Garden (Print) 11"x15"

My Life Garden (Print) 11"x15"

Our lives consist of many facets; there are many things that are important to tend to each day. If we leave one area of life unattended, our lives gets out of balance. Metaphorically speaking, when we spend too much time watering one area of our lives, that "plant" may just suffer from overwatering, while other areas of our lives remain parched.

This brightly colored floral poster is an interactive way for you to visualize which areas of your life you are going to water: with your time, energy and attention.

Instructions: Take time to recognize and write down the areas of your life that you want to flourish; directly on this artwork. Plant your garden with things that are important, and leave the weeds in the dust. You are ready and able to prioritize which flowers you want to bloom and grow in your life.

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