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  • Deep/Breath
  • Deep/Breath
  • Deep/Breath

Acrylic, recycled styrofoam, mixed media on canvas over panel.

(47.5″ x 54″) 2016

When one begins a relationship, and it starts to feel like love, it feels both scary and exciting. The stripes on the periphery of the island may represent that feeling of danger.

In nature, stripes send the predator a warning: “Don’t eat me!” I created the periphery of the painting to be a warning: stay away from danger, keep a deterrent around the heart, for out of the heart come the wellspring of life.

For the brightest part of the painting, I created a refuge-a single bar of dazzling white sand, which has risen from the depths of the ocean. In the absolute center commences a deep blue hole. I painted a glimmer of lighter blue on the interior of the blue hole, which creates a sense of presence.

You can see a glimmer of hope and light emerging from the inside.

My paintings operate as a map to strange destinations—charting trips through seas of blue all in a wild expedition for joy, light and truth.

These works are an outcome of pleasure experienced through observation of water, light, space and paint. These are the swagger and the dance; the reward and fruit of risking the life of the painting for the possibility of a new discovery in the realm of technique, mark-making, and communication. Each painting has survived and come to term—winning the battle for the full measure of their embryonic experience.

They will; see life.

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