“Movement (Easter)”

“Movement (Easter)”
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“Movement (Easter)”

48” x 60”, acrylic on canvas, 2014


When Love and Lightning strike, the world begins anew. There comes down from heaven a spark and flame of pink, a stab of heaven, a glimmer of hope as reality transforms into the unexpected terrain of ice and snow and sand and white-hot recreation.


Join me on a journey through worlds that exist only in the imagination, where only beauty is real. The map is the stars, and we live off of only what nature supplies us, in the form of gummy, tactile paint.


Protruding coral growths pull the viewer in, and let her experience the complex sculptures on a micro level, while the soaring bird’s-eye-view backgrounds let her zoom out. Georgia O’Keeffe let us stare at tiny flowers blown up larger than life, and I build upon her efforts and take it one step further as I draw the viewer into the literal tiny spaces to willfully examine the small, the intricate; the shiny and the colorful. The macro aspect of these paintings zoom-out to encompass a larger view; you can see everything all at once, but one must lean in again to see the wonder inside each small coral-like

formation. Thank you for traveling with me.


The painting “Movement (Easter)” displays a beautiful, sandy, pristine beach above and a sticky black oil spill below. In between is a paradise of beautiful blue islands, suggesting a bird’s eye view: “The Big Picture”. When we zoom out of our daily lives which involve binary choices like good or evil, or strength or laziness, we can see “The Bigger Picture” and even our goals, hopes and dreams. My hope for our planet is to once again arrive at a pristine

environment for all in which to live and enjoy. I believe that the Divine, as

signified by the lightning streak of hot pink has interceded for us, making the benevolent and beneficial choices possible if we just listen to the

voice of the Spirit and choose Life.

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