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Eric, A Portrait with Arjun (A Stone’s Soul)

Eric, A Portrait with Arjun (A Stone’s Soul)
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“Eric, A Portrait with Arjun (A Stone’s Soul)” 16” x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas 2017

“Crack open the rock, and you have diamonds on the inside. Look at our world--there is beauty all around, but don't forget about the people who need help--who need us to share our bounty with them. Look into their eyes, look into their soul-there is a rough exterior but there are diamonds on the inside. As you grow rich, just don't forget me. “

“Eric, A Portrait with Arjun (A Stone’s Soul) This is a more personal piece which reveals a lot about the components of my life. Part of it is a portrait; a visual description of my dearest companion, Eric my husband, as pictured as the center stone: the round geode. His rough exterior bears striations of time; grooves on his body mark the changes of old wounds healed. Easy to overlook, a geode has common qualities on the exterior but inside resides an image of the universe.

In this original work of art, I wanted to show the multi-faceted dimensions of my life like- my home-zone and my public-zone, like holding stones in a basket. In my basket, there is the stone of my husband. There is the stone of Charity. There’s the stone of Knowledge: a stone of awareness of human suffering. The image of Arjun was taken from a magazine which promotes the cause to help the plight of the innocent and poverty-stricken. This stone pulls on my heart. As I create luxury objects and sell them, I want you, the viewer, who can afford to buy art, to also not forget there’s a war going outside of your four safe walls.
When you look at each stone, you hold them in your gaze and they connect to your mind and your heart. This piece is for those who are prayerful, for those who love social justice. I hope it energizes you to consider how great God is- he holds us all, our souls like stones in a basket.
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