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“Unbreakable” Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas H 20”x W 16”x D .5” 2017

“Unbreakable” 16”x 20” framed! This piece captures the light in an unforgettable way, turning from a creamy rainbow 🌈 to blazing purple as your walk across the room! It’s simple form provides contrast to the intricate colors found within the shape.

This is above all- a happy painting. It’s pure energy brightens the space, and creates a buzz in the viewer. If you want to feel energized, and get a shot of adrenaline-like joy in your heart, this piece is for you!

You are a diamond, your soul unbroken, unbridled. Our souls are like diamonds in the rough; there is limitless potential within you. How will your future unfold? To see more, click link in my profile! 💎💎💎


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