Giving is built into the fabric of our art business. Share the love is our motto. DOMKO donates 5% of art sales to worthy causes. You can choose where you want your money to go, with any purchase of fine art.

DOMKO recommends these extremely worthy causes:

Hogar De Vida, Costa Rica

  • Hogar De Vida, Costa Rica
    • Dominique volunteered at this children’s home in the summer of 2016. There, Dominique lived in a house with 4 other “Tias” and cared for 11 babies under the age of two. This experience showed her that she definitely has what it takes to be a mom someday! The best thing about Hogar De Vida, was that Dominique experienced the Tias giving excellent care to children who have been neglected. These infants were well-fed, well-groomed, were held, comforted and given something of immense value: love.

Samaritans Purse


  • Samaritans Purse
    • While living in Orange County, Dominique worked at Orange Lutheran High School, and packed shoeboxes with 1300 other students. Shoving toys into a box to deliver to a child somewhere around the world was like being Santa Clause. Dominique witnessed one of her neighbors, a retired engineer and ship builder, spend months to make hundreds of handmade, tiny, toy airplanes and cars from wood. These handcrafted items were sure to last decades in the hands of a child somewhere here on earth, reminding them that they are loved by the God of the universe.

Boys and Girls Club

  • Boys and Girls Club, Bend (ART PROGRAM!)
    • Dominique teaches art at Boys and Girls club and directs several programs there. Your donation will help stock the art room with pencils, paintbrushes, paint, canvases, construction paper. Giving to the Boys and Girls Club of Bend (Art Program) helps Dominique instill positive self-image, self-esteem, art and design skillsets, and a sense of accomplishment in each child she serves.
      • Here are the programs that your money will add value to:
        • Young Artists’ Academy: Gives club members an opportunity to give back to the club in the form of service, teaching, and mentorship for younger club members in the field of art. 
          • Core Values: Belonging, Influence, Usefulness
        • Artist of the Week: Rewards club members with Art room Club Bucks, for excellent, completed art projects at weekly assemblies. 
          • Club Members can use Art Room Club Bucks to buy small canvases and paint. Winner’s art goes on display at the club. Core Values: Belonging, Influence, Competence
          • Bob Ross Painting Class: Teaches advanced, photorealistic, landscape painting skills to middle school-aged artists. Class culminates with an art show involving artist’s peers and the community. Core Value: Competence, Belonging.
          • Tribu Murals: Teaches high school-aged club members the skills involved with painting a mural as a group. Skills learned include: Communication, drawing, placement and compositional visual skills, color theory, value and shading, elements of art including scale, form, shape, line and color. Project culminates in a mural for the Teen Center at Boys and Girls Club Bend. Core Value: Competence, Belonging, Influence, Usefulness.
          • Art Programming for All: Exceptional, daily, fun, curriculum-based art projects for club members, (grades K-5) that teach children the basics of watercolors, oil pastel, paper-collage, pencil drawing, acrylic painting, and sculpture. Scaffolded for young children, and for children with learning disabilities. Core Value: Belonging, Competence, Usefulness, Influence. 
  • World Vision
    • Reflects God’s love to 41 million children, serves in the margins and forgotten places, ministers to the poor of all races and faiths, focuses on children who are the future, offers a full solution to poverty.
      • Purchases and distributes mosquito nets, livestock, soccer balls, fruit trees, school supplies, bicycles, medicine, and hand-drilled water well equipment to families and communities who are struggling with poverty. Provides treatment for girls who are victims of sex-trafficking and provides small business loans to women to make money to feed, clothe and educate their children.


  • Heifer International
    • Dominique’s mother, Mary Clare, once asked just for her family to donate to Heifer International for Christmas one year instead of giving her gifts. The fact that Mary Clare wanted nothing for Christmas except to share the gift of life and industry to humans living in poverty spoke volumes to Dominique. This organization gives the gift of animals to struggling families, which are a steady source of income, providing food on the table for hungry children.