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Come. These paintings and sculptures are castles for miniature mermaids, tropical fish, and will house your imagination for the night inside their fruity, Superstar-lip-gloss smile. These transport you into the domestic territory of an aquatic princess, bought in the currency of sand-dollar-dreams and sea-stars.

These sculptures are fragile, yet built with plastic particulates that do not age, and hop the gyre for artistic intention. Sometimes oozing, slipping and sagging, and sometimes stacked with neurotic precision, these coral mounds, stalagmites, Seussian chimneys, and glitter-sperm are layered to build a kingdom upon a foundation of solid rock.

Swim-throughs are plentiful or your submarine called Memory. Down here, sunshine glints off of miniscule shards of party glitter, frozen and floating inside crystalline gel. These are Crest toothpaste and Nerds candy cooperating in a messy dog-pile of pretty gunk that can make you drool.

I made castles for fish, for children and for your searching spirit. I want to create a garden that you get lost in, where, if you find refuge for your soul under arches of pink, there, you will also find treasure and prisms of light.

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