Art Services


DOMKO, Dominique Kongsli paints live, for your next event. DOMKO is a highly qualified, professional artist who paints at live events, such as black-tie galas, auctions, weddings, trade shows, and corporate events. DOMKO’s live painting will add a dash of fun, excitement, and glamour to your event.

  • DOMKO can paint on canvas, or for an additional cost, any other selected object, such as guitars, stand-up-paddleboards, surfboards, mountain-bikes, golf-clubs, or skiis. 
  • DOMKO is a true professional, she’s punctual, self-sufficient, and delivers a quality product and experience for your guests. 
  • DOMKO is friendly, and great at interacting with your guests.
  • DOMKO paints efficiently as guests watch a complete     painting appear before their eyes.
  • DOMKO will display additional paintings for additional eye candy. 
  • If client chooses to purchase the painting of the night, DOMKO can incorporate logo or initials of client within the painting. It may then be raffled or given to a special guest.
  • Guest Giveaways! Coasters featuring DOMKO’s art can be purchased for guests letting them take home a momento from your special event!


DOMKO, Dominique Kongsli is a reliable, friendly, professional artist who has painted for the public for over 15 years. She is a sparkling individual who will make your event look great. DOMKO’s friendly personality easily connects with guests, allowing them to feel welcomed and inspired by her creativity and what unfolds on the canvas. DOMKO is an experienced professional who shows up early, can swiftly solve problems and brings her own equipment.

DOMKO can help your event shine even brighter.  DOMKO believes that Art can provide meaning and richness to one’s life, and an avenue in which to express one’s voice, heart, and mind. DOMKO incorporates her values of thoughtfulness, beauty, and discovery, into her fine art. Dominique graduated from Pepperdine University (‘09) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Claremont Graduate University (‘13).