Private Art Lessons

 Why should you make art, even though you may be bad at it at first?

 Here’s why! 

Learning to create art feels like this:

"Imagine you have lived your whole life inside of a silent, black and white film, and then suddenly, during your dreams,  your consciousness awakes to find yourself as the star of a technicolor musical! At first, you see everything in color for a moment, and then it melts away to black and white again. You hear music for the first time just for a second; a flash in the night... and then, for longer and longer during each subsequent dream. In your dreams you learn to speak; at first only squawking out syllables as a baby would; and then, as time goes on, in dream after dream, you start belting out tunes like Beyoncé! Then you wake up and everything sticks. You are awake, and everything is in color, and you can actually sing like Beyoncé!

You become an unstoppable force when you learn how to express yourself and the images inside of your mind. " -Dominique Kongsli



Do you like art? Are you an adult or teen who would like to learn how to paint or draw and become more creative?

Are you a parent who would like to provide a much needed art education for your child?

Private Individual Lessons

  • I offer extensive knowledge and expertise in a variety of media: oil, acrylic, watercolor, drawing and collage
  • Lessons are student-centered; you get to learn how to paint or draw the subject matter that YOU are interested in learning
  • Private lessons are special, you pay $45 per hour for personal attention to your progress, to help you achieve your artistic goals
  • I offer a discounted rate for siblings attending a private lesson together

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Past clients have said: 

Thank you so much for teaching our children! We are so lucky to have such an amazing person spending time with our kids each day, and helping them express themselves in productive ways. We are truly lucky!

-Devan L. 

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