Rose Cut Party Soul

“Rose Cut Party Soul” by DOMKO (16″ x 20″) Oil on Canvas. $970

This painting represents pure joy. The simple rose cut of a diamond—parallel to the starting place of the soul—childhood. It’s birthday parties, dancing, friends. It’s freshly cut grass. It’s jumping in the cool waters of the neighborhood swimming pool, on a hot day. It’s roller skates. It’s sisterhood. After a careful application of the Portland-cloud-cover-winter-is-never-over-actually-it’s-only-fall, grayed-out color in the geometric rose-cut diamond central section of the painting, I swept my flat brush through the luxurious white oil paint. I smiled the whole time as I painted the background, because I loved the bend in the bristles as I drug it through the buttery texture of the paint. It was moments full of pleasure. As I painted, I became self-conscious of the perception that maybe the rainbow flecks were a little excessive, but then I remembered that the canvas is exactly where I can go overboard. I don’t have to be measured, I don’t have to be calculated. Each rainbow fleck is a backflip from my painting chair. I am unashamed of rainbows. Each brush of color is a hoop and a holler. Freedom is oil painting. Freedom is the most riotous color.  9/22/17 -DOMKO


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