Immortal Diamond


“Soul Magnification” Acrylic on Canvas H 20”x W 16”x D .5” 2017 By: DOMKO $970

“Soul Magnification” 16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas, 2017

This painting was created while researching diamonds for my engagement ring, and simultaneously reading the book “Immortal Diamond” by Richard Rohr, one of my favorite authors. The premise of the book is that our souls are like diamonds, immortal beings. As I researched diamonds, I was drawn in by the beauty of light and structure and meditated on the idea of the soul as a creation of light and organic structure. (FREE GROUND SHIPPING FOR CONTINENTAL US!)



Precious Stones Group Shot

Rose Cut Party Soul

“Rose Cut Party Soul” by DOMKO (16″ x 20″) Oil on Canvas. $970

“Rose Cut Party Soul” Diamond Painting 16″x20″ 2017 by Dominique Kongsli

This painting represents pure joy. The simple rose cut of a diamond—parallel to the starting place of the soul—childhood. It’s birthday parties, dancing, friends. It’s freshly cut grass. It’s jumping in the cool waters of the neighborhood swimming pool, on a hot day. It’s roller skates. It’s sisterhood. After a careful application of the Portland-cloud-cover-winter-is-never-over-actually-it’s-only-fall, grayed-out color in the geometric rose-cut diamond central section of the painting, I swept my flat brush through the luxurious white oil paint. I smiled the whole time as I painted the background, because I loved the bend in the bristles as I drug it through the buttery texture of the paint. It was moments full of pleasure. As I painted, I became self-conscious of the perception that maybe the rainbow flecks were a little excessive, but then I remembered that the canvas is exactly where I can go overboard. I don’t have to be measured, I don’t have to be calculated. Each rainbow fleck is a backflip from my painting chair. I am unashamed of rainbows. Each brush of color is a hoop and a holler. Freedom is oil painting. Freedom is the most riotous color. -DOMKO (INCLUDES FREE GROUND SHIPPING TO CONTINENTAL US!)



“Eric” 16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas 2017


“Unbreakable” Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas H 20”x W 16”x D .5” 2017 By: DOMKO $970


Immortal Diamond 4’x5′


“Rough Diamond” Acrylic on Canvas H 60” x W 48” x D 1.5” 2017 By: DOMKO $2900