12"x 48" Mixed Media

“Purity”                                      15″x 48″ Mixed Media                                                 ($800)

I started this painting after attending an Immortal Technique rap concert at this sweaty, dripping black box of a venue called The Exit in my home-city, Fresno. The painting started as a way of expressing my mixed feelings about the concert– I loved the energy in the room, the aggression and anger from Immortal, his passion burning the audience and the audience responding by pulsating–ebbing and flowing and slamming into the stage like storm swell up against a jetty. His strong Latino vibes made me want to be more Mexican than I am. His language sometimes exploded my blood vessels more than it expanded my mind, but I was caught up in the message: anarchy, respect for women, and the need to change our world.

As the painting progressed, I kept adding little bits of color and sprinkled a confetti of pastels and pockets of bright blobs of pinks all over and throughout to make the painting interesting. This painting evolved into a circus, and that was when I discovered that Simplicity equals Purity. I needed to wash this painting with a thin veil of purity, to unite the fantastical features and make choices to eliminate the ones that were attractive but mediocre. This one stands strong as a fully resolved painting, and has little troves and pockets of color– to send you searching for buried treasure.


“Civilization”     Oil, wax on canvas       36″ x 36″       (SOLD)

This painting is a brand new invention of itself. This is one of those paintings that starts out one way, with an end in sight; calculated with a promising future. I went to Costa Rica and came back and had a new palette of colors on my mind. I took the canvas and used the first, predictable layer as an under-painting and borrowed it’s texture. Then I invented a new painting, completely different from the one before it and made it into something that I wanted to paint. I applied colors that were appealing to me, not erasing my earlier toil, but using that experience while necessarily changing it.

One real gem that I find in this painting is the sweet, sticky, neon drip-wash that slides down the painting left of center. It supplies an element of surprise. The under-painting is crucial to the success of this piece because it provides a sort of hook- it is history. It is a lost and ancient civilization which has no clear explanation to its disappearance and makes you want to know more.

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