Art Lessons

Do you like art? Are you an adult or teen who would like to learn how to paint and become more creative? Are you a parent who would like to provide a much needed art education for your child?

Small Group Lessons

  • 1 hour sessions, weekday mornings and Saturdays, call for scheduling
  • Explore acrylic and watercolor painting, collage layering and drawing
  • Lessons are conducted in small groups with a limit of four students
  • Small group lessons are affordable; $25 per student, materials included

Private Individual Lessons

  • I offer extensive knowledge and expertise in a variety of media: oil, acrylic, watercolor, drawing and collage
  • Lessons are student-centered; you get to learn how to paint or draw the subject matter that YOU are interested in learning
  • Private lessons are special, you pay $45 per hour for personal attention to your progress, to help you achieve your artistic goals


Please call to schedule today! (541) 749-0168


 A 24-hour advance notice, cancellation policy is in effect. You can pay before the start of the lesson, with check or cash, or with your credit/debit card, [please note if paying with card, there will be a $1.00 service charge.]

Students will have an opportunity to explore techniques, practices and materials, in drawing, painting, and collage and sculpture. Students will have the opportunity to explore color, form, and composition.

Private Lessons are held at Dominique’s Fine Art Studio: Willow Lane Artist Creative Space 400 SE 2nd Street #2, Bend OR 97702

Example Children’s Lessons:

 • Watercolor Leaves (Fall & Farm) Warm & cool colors/pen and ink & watercolors

 • Draw & Paint a Country Barn (Fall & Farm) Space/drawing & painting with tempera

 • Matisse Goldfish Still-Life Painting: Organic shapes & pattern/drawing with oil pastel & tempera

 • Dancing Cow Watercolor (Fall & Farm) Shape & movement/oil pastels & watercolor

 • Funny Face Pumpkins: (Fall & Farm) Texture/paper collage

 • Birds of Bend (Fall and Farm) Watercolors and oil pastels

 • Matisse Symmetrical Stained Glass Windows: Shape & color/paper & tissue collage

 • Clay Piggy (Fall & Farm) Form & texture with air dry clay

Feedback From Other Teachers:

“Dominique cares so much about getting kids involved in such a positive outlet and always asks how your day is going”

“One of the nicest, most encouraging people I’ve worked with let alone met.  I’ve seen the way she impacted two students with one thing she said a few weeks ago”

Feedback Directly From Students:

“It has been SO much fun being in your class for the past 2 years. I especially loved it when we did critiques.” -Ellie

“Thank you for all you have done for us these past 3 years of high school. You always lighten up the room when you teach us in your friendly environment.” -Troy, age 16

“Ms. Ovalle, thank you for teaching the best art class I’ve been in. I learned a lot in this class, art-related and non-art related. The projects have been fun and you’ve always been patient.” Leo, age 16

“Thank you for two amazing years. Graphic Design 1 and 2 were a blast.” -David, age 17

“Ms. Ovalle, I’m so glad I was in your Graphic Design 1 and 2 classes; I learned so much cool and useful information in Graphic Design. I’m going to continue my Graphic Design career for sure, thanks for being an amazing teacher.” -Ike, age 16

“Thanks for a great year. I really learned a lot and looked forward to coming to this class every day as it was my favorite.” Ashlyn, age 16

“Thanks for being supportive and energetic during projects. Also for teaching us all about Photoshop.” David, age 15

“You are a great teacher, thanks for your encouraging greetings.” -Joe, age 15, International Student

“Thank you for teaching us more about Graphic Design. I had a great time in this class. You always wanted to know how we were doing and are very energetic. 🙂 Thank you for a great year.” Eryn, age 15

“Thanks for teaching me everything and being a fun and great teacher.” Chris, age 15

“Thank you so much for being so supportive! Also, a huge thank you for making me feel welcome at this new school!” Ellie, age 14

“Thank you for such a great year! I learned so many new things that I can take on later in life. -Dylan, age 15

“Thank you so much for helping me improve my Graphic Design Skills.” -Lauren, age 14

Feedback taken from a 2016-2017 survey from Graphic Design 1 and 2 Classes at Orange Lutheran High School ratings:

What is the thing you found most valuable in this course?


  • Learning how to express myself easier with a subject I like
  • I love the positive attitude and friendly atmosphere of the class
  • I like that I get to work on my own projects that are helpful to know how to create for later on life
  • I learned new artistic skills which will help me later on in life
  • I have made fantastic artworks and placed on my portfolio website.
  • Learning how to use different media and different types of designs
  • Being able to create and learn new skills and programs to help me be creative.
  • The creativity put into the art that we create
  • New skills like creating vectors and more skills I can add to my graphic design

 What was your favorite thing about this course?

  • Learning how to use Photoshop which is a very hard thing to use.
  • All of the different work I was able to create on my own.
  • I liked doing my own projects and getting to be creative along with learning how to work Photoshop.
  • Everything. The teacher is great, The computers are great, and my classmates are good
  • Learning how to take a picture and turn it into something that’s even better
  • The good teacher and useful skills
  • Learning new artistic skills and creating awesome pieces of art
  • I have made a number of fantastic projects that are ready to placed on my portfolio website. My portfolio website now looks better.
  • The freedom and creative atmosphere
  • Ms. Ovalle is a really great teacher because she has taught me a lot about designing
  • Learning new techniques and observing other peoples projects
  • She is friendly and really cares about everyone in what they are doing. I’m very thankful for the opportunity.