Divine Contact Cataract


Divine Contact Cataract
  • Divine Contact Cataract
  • Divine Contact Cataract

“Divine Contact Cataract”

By Dominique Kongsli

8”x 10” Original Mixed Media Watercolor

Waterfall Series


Painting is my window to the world; it’s my travel guide to outside of the walls I occupy all day and night. It’s the breath of fresh air my lungs crave, and it’s the fruit of using and re-working the color that I so desire to surround me. Painting brings me out of my shell, and provides a break from the gray and neutral colors of winter. I recall a psalm when painting waterfalls, which are the closest thing to the ocean here in Central Oregon:

“When my soul is in the dumps, I rehearse

everything I know of you, From Jordan depths to Hermon heights, including Mount Mizar. Chaos calls to chaos, to the tune of whitewater rapids. Your breaking surf, your thundering breakers crash and crush me.

Then GOD promises to love me all day, sing songs all through the night! My life is God’s prayer.” Psalm 42:6-8 MSG

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