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Forest Feast

Forest Feast

Giclee print on matte, fine art paper.

A forest, full of signs and markings, shows the way. The forest has been traversed by many wanderers; both seeking and finding, losing their way and finding their way back home again. This was made for those who are on the journey—for those who are figuring it out. I’ve been there and I’ve carved my initials into the trees. I’ve marked the way for you, too, to seek and find, to share hope with you, that someday, you will be out of the woods.

In love—if you seek, you will find. Never give up seeking forgiveness, reconciliation, and kindness. Remember your promises. You must reach out your hand, and the one you love will grasp it. You might be the first one to reach out, and it’s hard, and humbling. You must always try, and you must try again and again. There are signposts in the trees, left by travelers from long ago—meant for you to study and learn the way in which to go. If you ask them for directions, they will tell you the right way in which to walk—toward peace, forgiveness, and togetherness.

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