Nature's Majesty, Sister's Mountain - PRINT

Nature's Majesty, Sister's Mountain - PRINT

“Nature’s Majesty, Sister’s Mountain”

By Dominique Kongsli

10” x 10” Metallic Print, 2018


Each day as I get on the 97 to go to the art studio, I am struck by the beauty of our Cascade mountain range. The indescribable volume and height of these majestic behemoths takes my breath away and makes my heart sing with joy. I can be having a horrible morning and still, looking at this mountain lifts my spirit and makes me feel grateful for life and our unique beauty found specifically here in Bend.

This painting was a collaboration between myself and a famous photographer named Pete Alport. I used one of his photographs as a

starting point for this painting. I use landscape photography as a jumping-off-point for oil paintings, which act as a witness and contemplation of God’s inspiring phenomenal events in nature.  This painting is my way of compiling one image paired with thousands of other mountain vistas I’ve witnessed in my life to create this impression.

A special thank you to Pete Alport Photography and Instagram, which made our partnership possible.

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