Painted Horse, Turquoise Monarch Morpho (Print)

Painted Horse, Turquoise Monarch Morpho (Print)

30” x 40”,  Fine art matte paper, print giclee


I dreamt of a horse, painted with turquoise, draped in butterfly wings .  The horse is a symbol of power and strength, yet it’s head is lowered. Butterflies; a symbol of delicate and expressive beauty, travel, and grace, adorn her coat.

Turquoise is painted on her body, the color of water, and of precious rock.


The jungle background with strawberries on the ground is reminiscent of a five-day hike I took from the heights of the snow-

covered peaks of the Andes mountains down through the jungled valleys to my destination: Machu Picchu. Delicate white flowers and miniature, wild strawberries lined our path as we traversed through the jungle, amidst waterfalls and steep cliffs, over rickety wooden bridges and through shades of green that had no end to their variety.


The horse I dreamt of grazed amongst the verdant backdrop with its back to me, and was covered in the most beautiful colors of the monarch and blue morpho, colors I had never seen before, nor which exist in nature.  Much is lost when a dream is manifested, because there are some things which cannot be translated completely. But one must try.

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