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Serenity, Face of the Delta, Lagoon and Reef

Serenity, Face of the Delta, Lagoon and Reef

By Dominique Kongsli

16”x 20” Oil on Canvas 2019, unframed

This painting has a sense of regal calm. The blues and greens and turquoise combine to create soothing colors.

Mixed media within the realm of oils can contain substance such as cold wax, which when combined with oil paint can create the most delicious textures. The textures which resemble waves curling over sand, coral reefs, and shells, beg the viewer for a closer look.

The rainbows found in the central portion of the piece are reminiscent of  light passing through water, over sand, and split to show the color spectrum in the form of a delightful rainbow. This painting is a mix of a birds-eye-view of a river delta as well as the face of the ocean floor. This painting hopefully invokes a sense of awe and wonder of the magnificent ocean.

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