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We Can Take It Back

We Can Take It Back

26” x 23” Mixed media on canvas, 2016

This piece features painted, cool, blue, water within a deep, crater-like  structure that has been fused to the surface of the canvas with liquid plastic modeling paste. The structures consist of Styrofoam covered with modeling paste-coral structures that have been painstakingly added, dot by dot, much like the process of building sand-castles, then painted a brilliant white.


The poem on the painting was added by cutting up an advertisement from a credit card company, explaining why one would absolutely love to buy into their services. I have purposely “sunk” the lines of the poem by painting a blue glaze over them, to signify the rising sea levels.


All of these pleasures mentioned contribute to global warming, if one connects the dots. This piece is meant to be a beautiful way to link my trespasses to the undoing of the environment and hopefully through the process of creating awareness, you and I take action. Engaging with the pieces is the first step in the process of redemption of our world.


The text on the painting reads:


“Elevate your experiences, feel valued, revel in special amenities, global privileges, enjoy extraordinary experiences, by invitation only, be rewarded, experience more opportunities and help open doors, enjoy personal assistance, as you travel, be comfortable, be business savvy, perks you deserve, amenities you expect, serving you well is important to us, make purchases with more confidence, our business, ask your concerns, a world of premium service, enjoy perks as you fly, with more confidence, we can take it back.”

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