Spirit of Wavestorm: New Contemplative Works

+ Artist Statement +

I examine nature through a lens of water and light in order to perceive color in its most experiential form. I make art via a deluge of medium including acrylic polymers, plastics, granite, coconut shells, oceanic shells, fired porcelain, glass, sand, fish tank rocks and glitter.

I make fantasy cribs and castles for ants—in fact, I try to imitate ants when I work by focusing intensely, operating unemotionally, and only busying my hands, arms and legs with the precision required to squirt neon plastic ledges from tiny plastic tubes. I utilize a heavy dose of method, with my head down, following a chemical trail, while building mountains.

My paintings are easily consumed, but more complicated to digest. They resemble Nerds candy, stalagmites, coral reefs and volcanic lava. They reference anatomy like teeth and gaping mouths, and human substances like glistening saliva. Some paintings tap into acknowledgement of the spiritual realm, for example, the Pajaro Beach House paintings: a series of works I did surrounding the life and death of my grandmother.

Some works are heavily encoded with religious motifs: I am literally building kingdoms upon rocks, and use granite as a base for my sculpture-like paintings.

Others make you want to touch and pull on them. They are a baby-sitter’s worst nightmare, and cause a visceral reaction in the form of salivation. During the last weeks of life, my grandma reached out from her blankets and touched them. She didn’t speak—she just read them like braille and felt them.

I’m building a world, to live in, to inhabit. Like corals, my paintings spit a glittery exoskeleton. This is my kind of nature. This is where the reverence of time and the belief in slow growth meet the synthetic neon bliss, charge, and change of youth. These paintings are offered to you like paradise islands that you swim in; you, lucky enough to leave your desk and travel to a Mac desktop background destination in the third dimension. These sit like a thousand-year-old coral reef, silently supporting your weight, suspending you in clear water. You—floating, holding your breath, wanting to touch. These paintings wear your silent expectation, longing, and desire upon their chests. They are flexible, indestructible, toxic, and sweet. They awaken the impulses and quicken the heart. Plastic will never break down, you see. Together, we have reached immortality.

The paintings guard their territory with plastic teeth. They eat glitter. The plastic cup is half-full of water, floating in the ocean, melting into the gyre for fish to eat and to give everyone else cancer. The surfer will eat again–will eat itself to death. Fall into this portal of saliva-surfaces and bubblegum, mountains and valleys made of candy and love, and fun.

Treasure, pleasure, Buried Alive.

 (c) Dominique Ovalle 2014

To purchase a poster from Glutton’s Trench, go here —> http://eaglesnest.bigcartel.com/

Thank you! -Dominique

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