Waterfall Series


Welcome to the Waterfall Series. Experience relief, healing, refreshment, bounty, plenty, beauty, wonder, excitement, and joy.


“Gilded Shadows” 30”x 40” acrylic on canvas over panel, 2017.
New from my “Waterfall” series. The past year I have explored light as it filters through crystal structures. With the “Waterfall Series,” I am abandoning the structures altogether and am experimenting with raw color, using swipes, drags, zips and drops from my squeegee, free-falling fields of color, playing with depth and contrast, as well as a little bit of glam and gold glitz. The results are a blend of deep blue shadows and glamorous unashamed rainbows, because, life is short and I want to enjoy it.
This painting is for sale, and is on display at Artist’s Gallery Sunriver: 
57100 Beaver Dr, Sunriver, OR 97707


Gilded Shadows, Blue Abstract Painting, 30″x40″ 2017

Blue abstract, fine art painting, entitled “Gilded Shadows.” Created by Dominique Kongsli, Acrylic on canvas over wood panel. 2017


“Grace Poured Out” 16″x 20″ Oil on canvas, 2017
Second painting in the waterfall series.
This painting for me, was about creating the feeling of richness with the purple and ultraviolet, and royalty, the shimmering gold, and transcending these colors with the clear blue water flowing down over the face of the painting. I used Titanium White and Manganese Blue Hue to create the mystical combination and to magine the most refreshing waterfall flowing through a throne room. This painting has the essence of relief, grace, and healing.



“Grace Poured Out” Abstract Painting, 16″x 20″ Oil on canvas, 2017

This is my second painting in the waterfall series, and displays a feeling of richness with the gold and ultraviolet in the background, with a stream of clear, blue, refreshing and healing water, pouring down the face of the canvas. (PRICE INCLUDES FREE GROUND SHIPPING WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL US)





“Springtime Waterfall”


We get the blazingly wonderful opportunity to begin again, and start a new year. I present to you, “Springtime Waterfall.” Last year was full of structure, change, light and color. This year, I am abandoning the structure, and am exploring a focus of light and color.  These paintings are primarily about flow, movement, power, strength, ease and peace. The question is, what kind of images do you want staring back at you from the wall? I want peace, power, and strength to seep into my consciousness from blue flowing pools of light.





“Flow” 16″x 20″ 2018 by Domko (For Sale)